A masterclass for software development team leads.

The Principal Developer is a two-day masterclass for experienced software developers. Here we develop skills that every successful, effective, and trusted software development team leader needs.

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What distinguishes a software developer from a development team lead? As a team leader, you are now in charge of people, their performance, and motivation. Your output is the output of your team.

In this course, you'll learn what does it take to be an exceptional team leader, how to grow yourself as a leader, and how to maintain balance between leadership and technical duties. In a practical, down-to-earth style, you'll learn how to:

Develop teammates

  • Understand the importance of mentoring
  • Find time for mentoring
  • Conduct effective One-on-Ones
  • Help teammates develop a career plan
  • Determine skills for development
  • Develop unstoppable problem-solvers
  • Avoid becoming a bottleneck
  • Mentor's and learner's toolbox
  • Learn the secrets of pair programming

Become an inspiring leader

  • Soft skills 101
  • Intro to servant leadership
  • Gain trust and respect
  • Use the Six Forces of Influence
  • Understand motivation (DRIVE)
  • Don't try and do everything yourself
  • Measure your success as a leader
  • Free up time for coding

Organize development process

  • Measure IT performance
  • Mix Scrum, Kanban, and Lean for max performance
  • Undestand the Little's Law
  • Turn on Continuous Delivery mode
  • Prioritise work with Cost of Delay
  • Find high-leverage activities
  • Increase team's throughput
  • Calculate optimal WiP for your team
  • Eliminate wastes

Accelerate hiring

  • Stop wasting time on boring interviews
  • Design an effective interview process
  • Attract A-players
  • Become an interviewer that wins minds and hearts
  • Assess technical skills
  • Assess cultural fit
  • Use mentoring techniques during interview
  • Increase hiring effeciency 10x

Frequently asked questions

For whom is this course?

The course is for experienced and motivated engineers who already know how to write good code and get things done. It's for those who want to be an exceptional leader and make a big impact on people, teams, and organizations.

What are admission requirements for the course?

The content of the course requires a certain level of maturity. To create effective learning environment, we invite motivated developers with at least three years of commercial software development experience.

I have sufficient IT experience, but I am not a developer. Can I participate?

Because software development is a team sport, we welcome people with different backgrounds and perspectives – development managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, SREs, QA engineers.

How is the learning process organized?

You will work with other developers in a small group. We'll be solving different challenges, such as optimizing the development process, making grumpy colleagues happy, finding cost-effective solutions to problems, refactoring the interviewing process. We'll also address your current career, team, and company challenges.

Would I receive a certificate upon completing the course?

Yes, you will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment.

What is the language of instruction?

The course is taught in English. Non-native speakers are welcome.

How would I develop my knowledge after the course?

You will receive a list of books, blogs, videos for self-development. After intensive 2-day masterclass, Eduards will be available for free, one-on-one mentoring.

How do I convince my manager to send me to this course?

Tell it like it is: Coursera is for beginners, conferences are for fun and you want to learn serious stuff. You will learn how to inspire teammates, earn a certificate, and bring tons of inspiration back to the workplace. If you dislike the course, you'll get your money back. No questions asked.

What people say?

"I learned so much from Eduards over the course of my career that I can strongly recommend everyone to take part in this course."

"10x motivation booster! Now I have much cleaner vision how to grow professionally, how to keep up with trends, how to boost my professional reputation in and outside the company."

"Two days after the training I discovered the limiting factor in our process and convinced my teammates to work on it. We fixed the problem and accelerated product delivery by at least 50%."

"This is the best technical training I have ever attended. Energy, inspiration, wisdom that I have gotten from that training is extremely valuable."

"This course is an eye opener."

"I am very impressed. I will make sure that every developer in my company has attended this course."

"I attend DevChampions workshops for insights and practical stuff. This time was no exception. Started applying tips & tricks immediately. The team is happy!"

"The practical guide for a developer on becoming an effective, top-level company leader."

"Eduards is an excellent mentor. I had the luck to work with him and he helped me a lot to shape my career. This course is a mind-blowing summary of knowledge what every professional software engineer should have."

"A must-have for any software development lead. Perfectly balanced information has an immediate impact on your career. Would recommend it to anyone aspiring to be a great leader."

"A well tailored course for those who want to grow as technical leaders. I have found valuable material and real-world experience."

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Riga, Latvia
23-24 Apr 2020

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London, UK
7-8 May 2020

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Berlin, Germany
25-26 Mar 2021

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  • Certificate
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Eduards has been involved in commercial software development for over 15 years. He quickly grew from a developer to architect, from architect to software engineering manager, from manager to IT director. Today, Eduards is training senior developers, architects and engineering leaders.

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There are over 22 million developers worldwide and this figure is expected to rise to 26 million in 2022. My goal is to equip you with skills that will set you apart from competitors. See you at the masterclass!

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