Do you believe that face-to-face interaction is the best way to learn? We believe it, too.

At DevChampions, we offer the top quality training for software developers.

We specialize, but are not limited to engineering practices, software architecture, automation and soft skills.

The best trainers

DevChampions center is led by industry practioners (we founded Latvian Software Craftsmanship Community and DevTernity Conference). That lets us choose only the best trainers - we know those who deliver excellent training courses in person.

Theory and practice balance

Theory without practice is worthless. Nevertheless, in order to understand the topic you need to build strong theoretical foundation. Our training courses offer great mix of theory, hands-on exercises and teamwork.


For every successfully accomplished training you earn a certificate. Stay out of the crowd by sharing your achievements with prospective employers, community and peers.


Scheduled training courses

eXtreme Automation

28-29-30 October 2019, online

codingandrey Andrey Adamovich
Extreme Automator
This 3-day ⚡ online workshop focuses on solving challenges that organizations face when implementing DevOps initiatives. It introduces principles of DevOps and tools that help reach full automation of infrastructure provisioning and software delivery. Theoretical background as well as practical hands-on examples of tools like AWS/GCP, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Prometheus, Grafana, Linkerd, KNative, Serverless and many others are given during this workshop.

Effective Java Software Design

24–25 Sep 2020, Berlin, Germany

eduardsi Eduards Sizovs
Head Trainer, Founder @ DevTernity, DevTube
In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to build modern, clean and maintainable enterprise applications using up to date Java techniques, frameworks, and secret gems. The course is designed for experienced Java professionals who want to expand their knowledge beyond trivial and easy-to-google concepts. You will be equipped with effective practical solutions to real-world architecture and design challenges.

JVM Internals and Performance Tuning

2-day on-premises training

codingandrey Andrey Adamovich
Java Expert
This 2-day training dives deep into the JVM internals and tool set offered by JVM's eco-system. It also describes possible scenarios that may arise during production system support. Understanding of JVM internal architecture may help developers to write code that is more efficient; performance analysis and tuning of JVM parameters may help operations team to quicker find and report problems.

The Principal Developer

Multiple dates, Multiple locations

eduardsi Eduards Sizovs
Head Trainer, Founder @ DevTernity, DevTube
The Principal Developer is invitation-only, two-day long masterclass for senior developers, team leaders and software architects. We build traits, habits and skills that technical people need to succeed at senior-level positions.

Surviving Legacy Code

7 Dec 2019, Riga, Latvia

 J.B. Rainsberger
Software Coach, Mentor and Consultant, TDD Trainer tdd.training
We all have legacy code, meaning profitable code that we’re afraid to change. It doesn’t matter who wrote it, in which language, nor when. It matters that we feel the fear now and need to deal with it. Rewrite or refactor? How do we write tests? There’s so much to change; how do we get started? In the typical programmer’s day job, there’s no time to learn how to do this. We’re already behind schedule and the cost of fixing the legacy code is crushing us. We need a way to learn how to do this safely, correctly, and eventually, even quickly. That’s what Surviving Legacy Code is about.

Elastic, Agile and Adaptive Leadership

7 Dec 2019, Riga, Latvia

 Roy Osherove
DevOps Process Lead & Continuous Delivery Architect @ Dell EMC, author of Elastic Leadership, The Art of Unit Testing

In this workshop we will learn essential skills and techniques for leading software teams, based on elastic and adaptive leadership principles. You will gain the skills to make real change happen in your team, and to grow the team you want from the team you have.

Software Architecture in a Post-agile World

7 Dec 2019, Riga, Latvia

 Uwe Friedrichsen
CTO @ Codecentric, Fellow, Speaker, Nerd, Consultant
The agile hype is over. DevOps took over, driven by the need to speed up the IT value chain. At the same time, the second wave of digitization is rolling, turning IT systems into an essential ingredient of our business models. In this context, good architectural work is crucial. But instead we often observe a perfect confusion without clear direction - ranging from BDUF over several flavors of hype-driven, lots of one-size-fits-all to dogmatic pseudo-agile "no architecture". Yet, we have been told that architecture is about those decisions that really hurt if you get them wrong. How can we minimize the risk of getting hurt, especially if we need to go fast? Which approach is right?

Jedi Techniques of Personal Effectiveness

7 Dec 2019, Riga, Latvia

 Maxim Dorofeev
Founder @ mnogosdelal.ru, ex-Head of IT @ Kaspersky Lab, Author of Jedi Techniques
This practical workshop will equip you with necessary skills for accomplishing more, with less stress and efforts, and bring you closer to the work-life balance on a win-win basis. After the training, you will know how to achieve more at work and personal life simultaneously (instead of conventional view: “one at the expense of another”).

SOA Done Right

7 Dec 2019, Riga, Latvia

 Jimmy Bogard
Chief Architect @ Headspring, Microsoft MVP, Creator of AutoMapper

Go beyond the hype and build a solid foundation of theory and practice with this workshop on SOA development. We’ll understand service oriented architecture concepts, and DDD concepts such as bounded contexts and data ownership. You'll apply those concepts to build a simple, yet fully functional, order management system sample with a microservices architecture, using patterns such as command processing, pub/sub and long-running sagas.

Practical Messaging

7 Dec 2019, Riga, Latvia

 Ian Cooper
Lead Application Architect @ Huddle, Founder of the London .NET user group

Increasingly developers are relying on distributed architectures to solve the problems of scaling their applications and their development teams. But that means they now have to consider the problem of getting the parts of their systems to talk to each other.

In this training, we will look at messaging as the effective solution to the problems of integrating a distributed systems, and master the fundamental messaging and integration patterns.

The training includes hands-on exercises and take you from simple messaging scenarios through to more complex ideas like routing, brokers, and publish-subscribe.

By the end of the workshop you will understand when and how to use messaging and will be able to use it effectively in your applications.

Good Code

7 Dec 2019, Riga, Latvia

 Kevlin Henney
Consultant, Trainer, Writer, Author of 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

This workshop explores what properties we want from a codebase and, therefore, what we can deduce to be good. These conclusions can sometimes be surprising and counter-intuitive! This session will explore some common guidelines on what is considered good, from expression to subsystem, from naming to tests, from fluent to SOLID. We will look at the consequences of good and not-so-good code from point of view of economics, day-to-day work, people and runtime performance and reliability.

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