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Writing code is what we - developers, were taught to do. We proudly write clean code, apply eXtreme programming practices, refactor the mess, introduce new frameworks and learn new programming languages. We concentrate on technology so much that we completely forget that only 15% of our success is due to technical knowledge.

The IT world has changed. And, like it or not, we have to question the status quo of what does it mean to be a great developer. Welcome to the era of close developer and business partnership, where leadership abilities and soft skills play the major role.

The goal of this training is to help you - developer, become a distinguished developer, team lead, architect or whoever you want to be, by building skills that most competitors do not possess - leadership and soft skills.

This training will cover wide range of topics aimed to make you truly valuable asset in a modern organisation, including:

How to help your customers succeed by finding long and quick wins together

How to negotiate, make winning proposals and align people around your vision

How to spark and drive the change via Lean Change Management

How to make your workplace more fun and dynamic

How to work effectively in a team

How to make your team the best in the company

How to find consensus in the team

How to overcome resistance and skepticism

How to say NO without being killed

How to estimate work without shooting yourself in the leg

How to decide in situations of high uncertainty and reduce it

How to learn effectively

How to build building remarkable reputation and career

… and much more!

This course offers concrete practices that you can apply at work immediately. For example:

Together with other participant you will facilitate a Lean Coffee session, run a retrospective resulting in actionable points in Trello, ensure that actionable point are completed by the team, challenge opaque requirements with "5 Whys", create a clear value proposition for your ideas, create and maintain technical improvement backlog and much more!

The course is highly recommended for teams that work together.


Developers and teams willing to significantly improve their leadership and soft skills.


You earn a certificate of participation by attending the course. No exam required.


The course is taught in English.


Motivation ftw! It is really nice to get some exposure to people like you - makes you look into work and career at a different angle
It was very extremely helpful :) The most valuable part was the part with communication advises like wrap the negatives into sandwich, challenge people and of course 3 yes rule :)
The camp didn't met my expectation... and that was awesome! I expected another session of pair programming and TDD writing some calculator, which would be not that related to real projects I'm working on. Instead we've taken a look at the problems from a completely different perspective (soft skills) and I've received lots of useful information in that regard. Second day with discussions was great as well. At the end I have a pack of enthusiasm and ideas to try to improve things around me (not just work). Thanks for your great job and being such a positive guy!
I loved it. I learned cool stuff related to soft skills, and also I liked parts about personal kanban and how to plan our personal goals. :)
It was very productive and fun at the same time. Really liked it.
Actually the meetup exceeded my expectations. I still have a lot of things to reconsider in my life and try out. Kind of life-changing thing. Thank you!


Eduards Sizovs is a hands-on software architect and software development coach who helps awesome teams around the globe become more awesome – work smarter, run faster and enjoy the journey. Eduards is proficient in major aspects of an IT landscape – coding, software and enterprise architecture, automation, continuous delivery, Agile processes, engineering practices, leadership, motivation, teamwork and hiring.

Eduards leads Latvian Software Craftsmanship Community – the fastest-growing software development community in Latvia and organizes DevTernity – the premium-quality international software development conference in Riga, Latvia.

He is a well-recognized international speaker, who had spoken at the largest conferences in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Croatia and the UK.

For years I've been working extremely hard to dig through neverending amounts of information, hype, patterns, practices, case studies and try it all in a real-world environment. Now, my job is to pass the most valuable learnings to you in a live, dynamic and interactive form.
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Maximum number of participants - 12


* Price does not include VAT (if applicable)

* Price for in-house training does not include travelling and accommodation costs (if training is hosted outside of Riga)

* This training is a subject to training cancellation policy