The best way to learn idiomatic Kotlin for Java Developers

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Are you a Java Developer wanting to learn Kotlin or get your team up to speed with Kotlin language and ecosystem to begin using it in your projects?

Then this course is for you.

During this intensive, practical, 2-day hands-on workshop you will learn fundamentals of Kotlin – the fast growing and the most loved JVM language.

This course is recommended to Java development teams that work together.


  • Kotlin: history, current state, future roadmap, ecosystem, integration with Java
  • Kotlin: how to introduce it to the company without big risk, how to get teammates up to speed with Kotlin, how to keep up with the language
  • Kotlin basics: syntax, idioms, language constructs, types, flow control, pattern matching, standard library
  • Kotlin OOP: classes, objects, interfaces, inheritance, sealing, data classes, delegates, extensions, aliases
  • Kotlin functional programming: higher-order functions, lambdas, named arguments, destructuring and pattern matching
  • Kotlin annotations, reflection, and generics
  • Kotlin error handling: exceptions, null safety, type checks and casts
  • Kotlin collections: types, streams, transformations, ranges, sequences
  • Kotlin concurrency: asynchronous programming, coroutines, channels, and immutability
  • Kotlin DSLs: type-safe builders, function literals with a receiver
  • How to automatically analyze and control code quality with Detekt and Klint
  • How to create micro services and web backends with Ktor
  • How to perform dependency injection with Koin
  • How to write unit tests and mocks with Spek and Mockk
  • How to access relational databases with Exposed and SQLDelight
  • How to integrate Kotlin with existing enterprise applications that use Spring and JPA
  • ... and much more!


This course is recommended to Java development teams that work together.


This course is for Java developers that want to learn how to write clean and idiomatic Kotlin code.


Yes, you'll earn a certificate of accomplishment.


The course is taught in English.


Eduards Sizovs

Eduards Sizovs is a distinguished software architect and software development trainer who helps awesome teams around the globe excel at software architecture, engineering practices and soft skills. Eduards is an Oracle Certified Master and Java Enterprise Architect (OCMEA), Certified Scrum Master, Certified Product Owner, Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and an ICF certified coach. Eduards holds two degrees in Computer Science (programming and software architecture) and international MBA degree (IT process organization, leadership, management). Eduards is an author of upcoming Java Architecture and Software Mentoring books.

Eduards leads DevTernity – the top tech conference in Europe, and is the founder of a tech startup DevTube (#1 Hackernews, #3 ProductHunt).

He is an award-winning international speaker, who had spoken at the largest software conferences.

For years I've been working extremely hard to distill neverending amount of information, hype, patterns, practices, and case studies. I tried them all in a real-world environment. Today, my goal is to pass the most valuable lessons to you in a practical, entertaining, and simple way.
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