In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to build modern, clean and maintainable enterprise applications using up to date Java techniques, frameworks and secret gems.

The course is designed for experienced Java professionals who want to expand their knowledge beyond trivial and easy-to-google concepts. You will be equipped with effective practical solutions to real-world architecture and design challenges.


  • The course is based on real-world project code, stories and examples
  • The course is 80% hands-on coding, 10% important theory and 10% discussion
  • The course will show many modern libraries in action (Guava, Resilience4j, Caffeine, Spock etc.)
  • The course is updated to reflect the latest Java additions. The core patterns are applicable to older Java versions as well.
  • You will be provided with a list of books, videos, and industry experts to follow. This is exactly what you need to build remarkable engineering career.


  • Mastering advanced OO design techniques and patterns
  • Mastering patterns for writing small, testable, loosely coupled objects
  • Mastering naming and getting rid of getters & setters in the code
  • Mastering tactical domain-driven design and building an expressive domain model with POJOs
  • Mastering exception handling
  • Mastering null-free coding
  • Mastering levels of abstraction
  • Mastering service layer design using commands, reactions and funnels
  • Mastering service decoupling using events and side-effects
  • Mastering simple and complex business validation
  • Mastering data, persistance, and transactions
  • Mastering fault tolerance with rate limiting, bulkheads and circuit breakers
  • … and much more!

Ready to skyrocket your Java skills and learn many secret gems? Join in!


Forward-thinking Java developers, architects and team leaders willing to significantly improve their Java expertise, productivity and career opportunities.


60% software developers
20% architects
20% tech leads


You earn a Certificate of Accomplishment after completing an exam. Use it to boost your CV and LinkedIn profile.

Example certificate


The course runs in a diverse international group and is taught in English.

What people say?

97% rate this course "excellent"

I wanted to know how I could improve the quality of my code and your course gave me some tools to achieve that. I liked that it was about more than writing code. You gave some tips on how to deal with management and what you can do as a developer to change that for the better and that you need to stay true to yourself. I like that the course doesn't really end's here. That there is homework and that you encourage us to stay in contact. You inspired me to become a better developer and gave me the energy to become the best that I can be.
β€” πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ Liesbeth de Keyzer
The course was absolutely above expectations. Usually courses just reuse "Clean code" book and provide some "common sense" recommendations. But not this one! More than 95% of information was top new and mind-blowing. I've got new practical tips to use in my everyday work and a completely new look on the things I do. Moreover, it inspired me for further growth as a professional and gave different directions, how to do it! Thanks, Eduard, this was the best training I ever attended!
β€” πŸ‡±πŸ‡» Alex Kartisevs
This was the most advanced and best course I've been on! Very entertaining! I learned that I should use more functional Java and that courses can be fun.
β€” πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Jahziah Wagner

Munich, Germany, 2017

Riga, Latvia, 2017

On-premises, 2017


Eduards Sizovs is a distinguished software architect and software development trainer who helps awesome teams around the globe excel at software architecture, engineering practices and soft skills. Eduards is a certified Java Enterprise Architect (OCMJEA).Eduards has trained hundreds of senior developers, architects and engineering leaders Worldwide.

Eduards leads DevTernity – the top tech conference in Europe, and is the founder of a tech startup DevTube (#1 Hackernews, #3 ProductHunt).

He is an award-winning international speaker, who had spoken at the largest conferences Worldwide.

For years I've been working extremely hard to distill neverending amount of information, hype, patterns, practices, and case studies. I tried them all in a real-world environment. Today, my goal is to pass the most valuable lessons to you in a practical, entertaining, and simple way.
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