4-day on-prem or online training


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's leading provider of reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. The goal of this intensive, practical 2-day training is to familiarize you with the core AWS services and equip you with enough knowledge so you can choose, create, configure and maintain AWS infrastructure for your own projects.

Want to gain deep understanding of AWS? Learn how to operate production-grade AWS infrastructure? Discover hidden tips and tricks from an AWS expert?

Then this course is for you.


Developers, software architects, technical project managers, system administrators.


You earn eXtreme Automation certificate by attending the course.

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The course is taught in English.

Detailed outline

Day 1

Introduction to AWS

Introduction to CloudFormation and CDK: infrastructure-as-code, project organization, coding tips and tricks

Compute primitives: Lambda vs EC2 vs ECS vs EKS vs Fargate vs Lightsail

Networking primitives: virtual private clouds (VPC), subnets, gateways, security groups, load balancers

Day 2

Talking to the outside world: CloudFront, S3, API Gateway, Route53, ALB

Integrated monitoring: CloudWatch, alerts, metrics, insights

Data storage management: S3, EFS, RDS, DynamoDB

Events and streams: SQS, SNS, Kineses, SES

Day 3

Security: KMS, SSM, S3/EBS encryption, CloudTrail

IAM: users, roles, policies, profiles

Deployment services: CodeDeploy, CodeStar, CodeBuild, SSM

Day 4: battle day

We take a use case (that is close to what attendees do in their workplace) and implement it with the help of AWS. We split the group into 2-3 teams.

Depending on the use case complexity each team can fully implement it or we can split it into several chunks with each team will be working on their own part and integrate in the end of the day.


Andrey Adamovich is a software craftsman with many years of experience in different life cycle phases of software creation. He is passionate about defining good development practices, documenting and presenting architecture, reuse of code and design patterns, profiling and analysis of application performance as well as extreme automation of development and operations activities.

At the moment, Andrey works as a free-lance DevOps consultant offering his expertise in implementing DevOps initiatives, selecting automation tooling, switching to infrastructure-as-code and immutable infrastructure and constructing software delivery pipelines.

Andrey is a frequent speaker at international conferences and local communities. He presented at more than 60 events in 19 countries. He is one of the leaders of LatCraft - Latvian Software Craftsmanship Community as well as co-founder and organizer of DevTernity  conference.

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