Course description

Machine Learning and Functional Programming are both very hot topics these days; they are also both rather intimidating for the beginner. In this workshop, we’ll take a 100% hands-on approach, and learn practical ideas from Machine Learning, by tackling real-world problems and implementing solutions in F#, in a functional style. In the process, you will see that once you get beyond the jargon, F# and Machine Learning are actually not all that complicated – and fit beautifully together. So if you are curious about what Machine Learning is about, and want to sharpen your developer skills, come with your laptop and… let’s hack together! What you should expect:

no F# or Machine Learning prerequisites: complete beginners are totally welcome

a hands-on introduction to simple Machine Learning ideas you can use, by solving real-world problems

a practical introduction to writing effective F# code

lots of coding on fun problems!

you will need a laptop with an IDE or editor running F#; check for instructions on how to get setup.

...and much more!

This course offers concrete practices that you can apply at work immediately.


Developers, architects, technical leads, delivery leads


You earn a certificate of participation by attending the course. No exam required.


The course is taught in English.


evelgab Evelina Gabasova
Machine Learning Researcher, PhD @ University of Cambridge, Microsoft MVP

Evelina is a machine learning researcher working in bioinformatics, trying to reverse-engineer cancer using computational methods. She is also an international conference speaker and enjoys giving talks on all topics data science. Currently, Evelina does most of her programming in R and F#, and got awarded the Microsoft MVP award for her work in the F# community. She originally started as a programmer but got interested in machine learning early on and did a mathematics PhD at the University of Cambridge, where she developed new statistical methods to analyze complex biomedical datasets.




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