Course description

This is a comprehensive, engineer led course that covers building infrastructure in an IaC (Infrastructure as Code) fashion, using HashiCorp's Packer and Terraform tools. Topics include:

Terraform and Packer syntax, internals, and patterns

Creating and accessing compute instances

Provisioning resources with Terraform

Working with remote state

Managing DNS with Terraform

Continuous delivery of machine images with Packer

Learn how to safely provision and manage infrastructure lifecycle with Terraform and Packer!

This course offers concrete practices that you can apply at work immediately.


Developers, architects, ops, automation engineers


You earn a certificate of participation by attending the course. No exam required.


The course is taught in English.


stack72 Paul Stack
Software Engineer @ Hashicorp, UK

Paul Stack is a London based infrastructure coder and has spoken at various events throughout the world about his passion for continuous integration, continuous delivery and good operational procedures and why they should be part of what developers and system administrators do on a day to day basis. He believes that reliably delivering software is more important as its development. Paul’s passions are the DevOps and Continuous Delivery movements and how they help the entire business and its customers.




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