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In this hands-on workshop, together with Jakub you're gonna build a fully featured distributed system from a scratch using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Stream. During the whole day we will learn:

Why's and How's behind Event Sourcing and CQRS

How to rewrite a Domain-Driven-Design-like app to event-sourced model

How to leverage CQRS to eliminate accidental complexity in our domain model

How to solve problems caused by synchronizing read and write model

How to use messaging and Spring Stream to achieve loose coupling

...and much more!

This course offers concrete practices that you can apply at work immediately.


Developers, architects, technical leads, delivery leads


You earn a certificate of participation by attending the course. No exam required.


The course is taught in English.


jakubpilimon Jakub Pilimon
Software Developer, Trainer @ ‎Bottega IT Minds, DZone's Most-Valuable Blogger

Passionate programmer with 7 years of experience. DDD, TDD and architecture are my main areas of interest. When I don’t program I run a DDD/architecture training, ride motorbike, ski or grow my beard. Also, here is my DZone MVB awarded blog:




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