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The goal of this course is to help you implement Continuous Delivery in a pragmatic way. Based on experience accumulated in large and small organisations, the course will help you avoid common pitfalls teams and organisations face when adopting Continuous Delivery and equip you with enough knowledge so you can pursue your own journey.

Together we will look at Continuous Delivery through real-world lens. Lens free of hype, marketing and “by-book” solutions.

This interactive training will cover wide range of topics, including:

How to make sense of Continuous Delivery

How to implement Continuous Delivery without blowing budgets and product roadmaps

How to apply value-driven approach to Continuous Delivery

How to build quality into your services

How to make services Ops friendly

How to pick tools that really matter

How to stop waking up at 00:00 on PagerDuty warnings

How to fight batching - the biggest enemy of Continuous Delivery

How (not) to implement Deployment Pipeline

How to implement effective Testing Strategy

Patterns for Zero-Downtime deployment

Patterns for Fault-Tolerance

Patterns for Resilience

Patterns for organisational and technical DevOps

...and much more!

This course offersconcrete practicesthat you can apply at work immediately.

This course goes beyond basics, so some understanding of Continuous Delivery is desirable.


Developers, architects, technical and product leaders willing to expand their Continuous Delivery knowledge beyond basics


You earn a certificate of participation by attending the course. No exam required.


The course is taught in English.


eduardsi Eduards Sizovs
Founder @ Latvian Software Craftsmanship Community

Eduards is a hands-on software architect and software development coach who helps awesome teams around the globe become more awesome – work smarter, run faster and enjoy the journey. Eduards considers himself IT polymath and is proficient in major aspects of an IT landscape - coding, software and enterprise architecture, automation, continuous delivery, Agile processes, enginering practices, leadership, motivation, teamwork and hiring.

Eduards leads Latvian Software Craftsmanship Community - the fastest-growing software development community in Latvia and organizes DevTernity - the conference for IT professionals who care about software craftsmanship.

He is award-winning international speaker, spoken at the largest conferences in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Croatia and UK.

For years I've been working exteremely hard to dig through neverending amounts of information, hype, patterns, practices, case studies and try it all in a real-world environment. Now, my job is to pass the most valuable learnings to you in a live, dynamic and interactive form.
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Maximum number of participants - 12


* Price does not include VAT (if applicable)

* Price for in-house training does not include travelling and accommodation costs (if training is hosted outside of Riga)

* This training is a subject to training cancellation policy