Course description

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's leading provider of reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. The goal of this intensive, practical course is to familiarise you with the core AWS services and equip you with enough knowledge so you can choose, create, configure and maintain AWS infrastructure for your own projects.

This interactive, practical training will cover wide range of topics, including:

Introduction to AWS ideology, basic terminology, pricing

Setting up account on AWS (2-factor authentication, IAM users, roles, groups and policies)

Amazon EC2 (understanding instance types, pricing, ephemeral storage, AMIs)

Setting up Amazon for High Availability (regions and availability zones)

Setting up Amazon Auto Scaling

Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch

Networking (Route53, Elastic Network Interfaces, Elastic IP, Elastic Load Balancer, VPC, NAT, pricing and limitations)

Amazon EBS (use cases, limitations, snapshotting, resizing, warmup and tagging)

Amazon RDS (database engines, snapshotting, multi-az vs. single az., read- replicas, migrating data to and from RDS)

Amazon S3 (architecture, limitations, naming best practices, hosting static content, access policies, retention policies, reduced redundancy, infrequent access).

Amazon Glacier (data archiving, backups, integration with S3, best practices)

Amazon CloudFront (introduction to content-delivery networks, object expiration, monitoring, signed content, access logs, SSL certificates, integration with S3)

... and much more!

This course offers concrete practices that you can apply at work immediately.


Developers, architects, ops and system administrators willing to expand their Amazon Web Services knowledge beyond basics


You earn a certificate of participation by attending the course. No exam required.


The course is taught in English.


jurispv Juris Pavlyuchenkov
AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Juris is infrastructure architect with background in cloud computing, large computing infrastructure design and administration, network administration, information security and cryptography. For several years, he was leading infrastructure team for a highly-loaded social network, handling millions of users. Before joining, he was working as a consultant at world’s leading cloud consultancy Cloudreach in Scotland, helping small and large companies benefit from cloud solutions, and AWS in particular.




duration - 2 days


* Price does not include VAT (if applicable)

* Price for in-house training does not include travelling and accommodation costs (if training is hosted outside of Riga)

* This training is a subject to training cancellation policy